Our approach to architecture uses a team-based, collaborative process to achieve design excellence. We understand that each building is an individual and unique expression of its environment and community. We concentrate on how individuals are connected to their environment and how spaces allow individuals to connect to each other. We invest in our clients, designing buildings that fulfill and exceed their goals and aspirations.


Our interior design team understands the strategic and aesthetic needs of our clients, offering creative, intelligent, and flexible interior solutions. We consider all aspects of design carefully and thoroughly, creating environments that are not only functional but also inspirational for the people using them.


Gardner Spencer Smith Tench & Jarbeau offer a full range of planning services. Working with clients to understand their business culture and strategic goals, we promote a collaborative, interactive planning process to develop an effective plan that is sustainable and flexible for long-term growth.

Sustainable Design

The concept of sustainable design has come to the forefront in the last 20 years. It is a concept that recognizes that human civilization is an integral part of the natural world and that nature must be preserved and perpetuated if the human community itself is to survive. Sustainable design articulates this idea through developments that exemplify the principles of conservation and encourage the application of those principles in our daily lives.

Fixtures Furnishing and Equipment

GSSTJ offers first class FF&E capabilities. With many satisfied customers, our team has proven project management and the technical skills to meet the expectations of the most rigorous projects. Our experienced staff is able to effectively anticipate challenges and meet deadlines for any project. Our FF&E capabilities include specifications, procurement, project management, installation and final punch lists.


Our firm is very responsive to the needs, desires and concerns of our clients. If the owner wants a particular design, whether the issue is function or style of architecture, our firm is eager to learn more about the specifics of the owner’s wishes and to strive to reflect those desires in the final design of the facility. Having served clients with a number of constituents or “stake holders” involved in their projects, we have utilized what is called the Pena Method to gather needs, desires and concerns of the broader group and manage expectations in regard to the inclusion of these facility features into the final design of the project.

Cost Estimating

Cost estimating is a well formulated prediction of the probable construction costs of a specific building project. All projects begin with an idea and end by filling a need. At GSST&J we provide management services for the development of cost estimates for proposed architectural and interiors projects.

Preconstruction Proposal Development

Every construction project is a series of processes, and GSST&J has the experience and organization required to deliver a high quality, high value projects to our clients. We feel that during the construction phase, having a team-based approach is crucial. Represented by the Owner, construction, and design professionals, we are dedicated to continuing this team concept through regular meetings during the construction process to assure that all parties understand and agree with what is to be built. Our persistence, thorough communication, and accountability throughout the entire project help to assure that quality standards are established, technical issues get resolved, and construction proceeds on schedule and within budget.